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Transportation Safety for Youth from A to Z - Shared screen with speaker view
Gillian Burgess
If anyone is interested, the Arlington project worked with Discover Traffic Gardens to install that great traffic garden. The website has lots of resources: https://www.trafficgardens.com/- Gillian (Arlington advocate)
Natalie Draisin
Thank you for joining! Here is the link to the COVID-19 live database to see and share examples of safe/healthy journeys to school during the pandemic: https://www.childhealthinitiative.org/covid-19. Here is a link to the UNICEF/Child Health Initiative guidance in English: https://www.corecommitments.unicef.org/covid19db/UNICEF-Final-ENG-Safe-Journeys-25-09-20.pdf. You can find it in five other languages here: https://www.corecommitments.unicef.org/latest-covid-19-guidance
Natalie Draisin
My email is n.draisin@fiafoundation.org in case anyone needs it!
Gillian Burgess
Great presentation. Thank you!