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You Must Feel Safe to be Safe - Shared screen with speaker view
Angie Fuoco
Thank you for those great insights. Along the same lines. DE and I never get to happen or Psychological Safety for that matter, unless Access is provided first. I am an ASP & safety and communications professional. I plan safety training and all my communication to include people of varying abilities to access the information. People with disabilities are at the bottom of the food chain you are talking about. If you do not provide captions and describe what people should be seeing over these Zoom trainings (audio description) you put people with limits in these areas in a constant state of stress…. Yes exhaustion occurs!As a federal employee, captions are required for these trainings (under Rehabilitation Act). However, You must not just Ask… you must Act and provide them every time. I’ve already asked NSC to to provide captions for every meeting. You must assume that people will show up who need these alternate means of communication & provide them, even though neither Rehabilitation Act nor ADA requires.
Angie Fuoco
Access is fundamental and needs to be a #1 criteria.
Khiet Luong
In my work environment, there is a bifurcation of training: "safety" and "health & wellness." We require safety training, but health and wellness training is optional/recommended. Do you have examples of work places (i.e., governmental) that require health and wellness training?
Khiet Luong
The Platinum Rule is interesting. What do you suggest in a situation where someone isn't making the best decisions for themselves/workplace (due to feeling too stressed for too long, for example)-- should we still do what they think they need, even if we don't think it's helpful for them?
Steve McEvoy
Dignity and Respect for all...that, for me is the main takeaway. Thanks.