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PVTs & Biomathematical Models: Gold Standard Tools for Detecting and Monitoring Fatigue - Shared screen with speaker view
Morgan Cihak
Morgan Cihak
Sabrina Freewynn
Sabrina Freewynn from SAIF in Oregon--workers' comp insurance company. We explore technologies with our policyholders to address some of their highest injury risks.
Emily Whitcomb
Hello everyone!
James Lewis
Jim Lewis, Ameren, just starting to evaluate what we can do to manage fatigue and looking at all information right now to be used to formulate a plan to develop a FRP.
Dr. Edrisa Sanyang
Edrisa Sanyang, Western Kentucky University. I do research on workplace exposure assessment especially with firefighters and young workers.
Kin Yuen
Hello! I am Kin Yuen, sleep medicine clinician at UCSF. I am a member of Public Safety Committee of American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Michael Burke
Michael Burke, I, Work at Rome Laboratory as the occupational safety manager for the entire site. I do perform many safety investigations were fatigue and other human factors are found to be a contributing factor during many different mishaps or incidents.
Ulises Techera
Dr. Ulises Techera, Researcher, University of Colorado Boulder, Fatigue Researcher, Construction Industry and Electrical Sector.
Mark T
Mark Turpie Account Executive for Aware360. I work with organizations to help detect and mitigate fatigue risk in the workplace.
Andrew Morden
Hi All - I am the CEO of Fatigue Science. We offer a Enterprise Fatigue Management Information powered by Predictive Analytics. We leverage our own proprietary wearable, the ReadiBand (ReadiWatch coming in Fall 2021) as well as Fitbit and Garmin wearables if appropriate for our clients’ operations. We have over 200 customers including a number of site with over 1,000 users.
Abdullahi Ibrahim
Hello everyone, I am Abdullahi Ibrahim, Construction Engineering and Management researcher at the University of Alabama. I am working on prediction and evaluation of workers' fatigue.
Marcus de Guingand
[Sorry now sent to all] Hello everyone. My name is Marcus de Guingand. I run Third Pillar of Health and we help companies and their staff improve all aspects of sleep and fatigue.
Randy Yohe
Randy Yohe - I'm the fleet administrator for Cactus Wellhead and looking for ways to acurately detect and mitigate fatigued driving for our field workers
Bob Muir
Bob Muir. Senior Account Executive with Fatigue Science. We provide organizations a fatigue management platform, delivering historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue.
Sabrina Freewynn
Thank you. Very helpful answers@
Morgan Cihak
Register for the final Fatigue Webinar here: https://www.nsc.org/workplace/safety-topics/work-to-zero/resources
Lori Guasta
Thank you all! Great discussion!