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Overcoming the Limitations of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Crash Data - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Van Huis she/her/hers
Hi, thank you for joining us this afternoon. The recording and slides will be available to all registrants following the presentation.
Sarah Van Huis she/her/hers
You can find out more information on the Road to Zero coalition, including previously recorded webinars, at nsc.org/roadtozero.
Sarah Van Huis she/her/hers
Questions can be entered at any time in the Q&A feature; the speakers will be answering questions as time allows at the end of the presentations.
Sarah Van Huis she/her/hers
Beta testers welcome! Visit https://www.saferstreetspriorityfinder.comWe’re still testing the tool under real-world conditions. It may be slow for you if multiple people are using it at the same time. Please share your feedback with saferstreetspriorityfinder@tooledesign.com