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Together to Zero Traffic Deaths: Collaboration for Safer Streets - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Simon
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Heidi Simon
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Heidi Simon
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I assume Uber drivers utilize GPS to determine how to get to a rider location. How do you train them to prevent distracted driving with the GPS systems?
Eugene Russell
What does Uber's driver evaluation consist of?
Wesley Pennington
Great slogan Is Uber willing to work with Law Enforcement to help provide ride for impaired drivers?
Alan Moore
Why is it "encourage" only, not required?
Kristen Stone
Have you given any thought to low profile back packs or carriers that do not interfere with cyclist's side view line of sight??
Louisa Miller
Is Uber helping advocate for more bike lanes in US cities?
Alan Moore
What about parking in Bike Lanes, happens all the time where I live, and the police cannot get there fast enough.
Maria Vegega
Why doesn't Uber require seat belt use for all occupants? That would be a major contribution to safety.
James DeCarli
I agree MV. airlines require seat belts, and it is the law in most states. It should take that responsibility. Having an unrestrained passenger in the rear, can become a fatal risk to driver and others.
Brian Hammer
sounds like the bike courteous thing goes one way, driver to biker. What about militant bicyclists?
Dean Myers Jr.
Have you thought about requiring Uber drivers to go through a 4 hour simulated driver training class and a refresher every 2 years. Airline pilots use sims to get pilots ready for what to expect and how to avoid a hazardous situation in a safe, controlled environment? We can use driving simulators to do the same thing. Thoughts?
Sarah Lagpacan
Another great example of a safety campaign out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (lots of resources available for free on the website): http://grdrivingchange.org/about/
In Monroe County in NY state there are several roads that are very narrow and are either County or State highways with very narrow shoulders. Does The League of American Bicyclists lobby at that local level to get wider roads with an appropriate shoulder?
James DeCarli
Outcome evaluation question: Regarding national bike to work day/week, has there been any outcome, not process, evaluation to measure how effective this is to increase use? Say at 6 or 12 mo post intervention at site locations?
Ken McLeod
Edmund, the League's Bicycle Friendly Community program asks participating communities if they have "Wide paved shoulders (ridable surface ≥4 feet, and minimum clear path of ≥4 feet between rumble strips)"
Ken McLeod
We also highlighted infrastructure standards in this recent report: https://bikeleague.org/content/new-report-benchmarking-bike-networks
Does anyone participate in the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Program?
Ken McLeod
The SS4A Grant program has three informational webinars coming up: https://www.transportation.gov/grants/SS4A/webinars. The notice of funding opportunity will open in May or June
Kristi Secord
Would love to see Bike month be more inclusive of all climates. We live in the Great Lakes region and moved Bike Awareness efforts to June as we don't see ridership return until temps approach 70 on a regular basis.
Michael Lupica
Where exactly is that protected intersection in Alameda? Thank you.
Max Sevareid
Does Uber require text entry in smart phones while vehicles in park?
Laura Fredricks
Kristi, I also think of this issue regarding climate during November for World Day of Remembrance.
Dean Myers Jr.
Proper driver training will help reduce pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. There are driver training courses that put drivers in scenarios that have simulated risks to see how well the driver recognizes the risk and how they can avoid a catastrophic event, without any risk if the driver makes a mistake immediately after learning crash avoidance techniques in the class lecture part of the class. www.trainingwheelzusa.com
Laura Fredricks
I always think to myself that pedestrians are grouped into those who walk all the time and are grouped into the biking community too. But I think drivers need to understand that as soon as they get out of their vehicles they become pedestrians. How do we get that messaging across??
Jonathan French
Education may not be the complete answer, but the US does not educate elementary school kids universally in road user safety like they do in EU countries. Right now its a big missing component of the US Safe System Approach. The primary road user education method in the US, driver education, is inadequate and inequitable, and therefore does not reach all road users.
Denyse Trepanier
Great point, Daniel. In Alameda we're re-doing our Active Tranportation Plan. We're advocating design speed in our Bike Boulevard vs. any change in posted speed limits.
Skip Yeakel
Any progress (or regress?) to report from the FCC ruling effectively quashing 20+ years of DSRC safety communications in favor of 5G CV-X links that may change already distracted ped/bike and vehicle travels?
Ken McLeod
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law required a study of connected vehicles and ped/bike safety. No progress/regress on the ruling, but that study is seen as a way to potentially revisit it
Laura Fredricks
If you ask those whose loved ones have been killed by traffic violence, criminal charges are very rarely brought against those drivers.
Demaris Braswell
any chance that with all the talk of safer vehicles - there may be some type of speed control considered to be built in
Pamela Houghtaling
Good discussion regarding pedestrian and bicycle safety often came up in the driver safety classes I taught in Northern Virginia. Questions arose such as why don't bicyclists stop at stop signs. I think that community-wide education campaigns would help, addressing roles and responsibilities of all users--drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.
Demaris Braswell
it is not the car that is unsafe it is the person that gets behind the wheel
Kate Brockwehl
Laura, I agree — we are ALL pedestrians at some point. There are always recent NYC deaths and serious injuries in parking lots. I often point this out in conversations like congestion pricing that tend to split driver vs ped/cyc, but I don’t know how to make it more a standard part of the conversation
Laura Fredricks
Demaris Braswell
i would absolutely love that !
Ken McLeod
Here's the link: https://www.regulations.gov/document/NHTSA-2021-0002-0001
Kate Brockwehl
Edmund Starowicz, the New York Bicycle Coalition might be a place to look for advocacy on those roads
Daniel Keough
vehicle design: ban lift kits. ban ram bars. limit quick acceleration [I just saw an ad for EV Jeep, 0-60 in 2 seconds] more high power EV cars are ‘muscle cars’ and have dangerous pickup speed.
Caila Brown
Edmund - check out Reconnect Rochester - https://reconnectrochester.org/
Ken McLeod
Find me at https://twitter.com/Kenmcld
Laura Fredricks
The pandemic showed that traffic is our form of speed control. Drivers cannot be trusted. We need better infrastructure.
Denyse Trepanier
Find me on Twitter @denyselovesbike
Daniel Keough
NHTSA has been asleep at the wheel. We need some action from them. Ideally: Speed governors! No one has a right to speed.
Jonathan Adkins
MADD has some great partners as well as excellent speakers who are people of color, FYI.
James DeCarli
Unfortunately during the pandemic there has been limited enforcement and zero consequences for excessive speed and wreckless driving.
Robert MacGregor
Really interesting conversation, its been a great listen. Check out https://geomate.ca/en/ for support in analyzing street, sidewalk, and cycle lane safety. We leverage AI and geospatial data to map key barriers to safety. Would love to connect with people https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-macgregor-a7104b191/
Wesley Pennington
Great conversation
Daniel Keough
Tyler Anderson
Thank you all!