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Countersteer: Community Design and Mobility Safety - Shared screen with speaker view
Craig Bledsoe - KL7H
Today's compensation model for the trucking industry of paying per mile emphasizes the fiscal benefit of speed. The faster the driver goes, the better off the driver will be financially per unit of time. We should consider the airline model where there is a base pay per trip that is increased if there are ATC or weather delays while enroute.
Hideki Hada
Those old pictures are great. They made me think "what I can tell in 2040 what we did (and didn't) in 2020's to children 20 years from now."
Craig, What a great point. We talk about "safe systems" but the reality is there are likely so many unsafe systems (like the method of compensation for truckers) out there that we don't know about.
Craig Bledsoe - KL7H
The entire concept of "just in time" resourcing and delivery emphasizes speed. The downside is what happens when there is turmoil in the source countries and/or infrastructure collapse. Both of these have happened in spades over the past couple of years with COVID and foreign state terrorism, etc.