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Introduction to the Safety Application of Immersive Technology - Shared screen with speaker view
Dawn Clark
Good Afternoon. My name is Dawn Clark and I work as a Director of EHS for JLL. I love to use technology to enhance safety programs.
Scott Clark
Scott Clark w/ SAIF in Oregon. I'm part of a safety innovation group that focuses on finding new ways to prevent 'old' injuries in the workplace. We are currently engaged in exosuits, VR for safety training, augmented reality for remote consultation, and proximity detection on forklifts to prevent struck by injuries.
Dawn Clark
My group does facility maintenance.
Martin Cohen
Marty Cohen from the University of Washington's academic Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. I'm trying to use immersive technologies for training students in our "new norm".
Loye Abahaddou
Hi! I’m Loye with United Rentals. Our company uses some exoskeleton technology
Coral Bruce
Hi all- My name is Coral Bruce and I am a Sr. Manager for Risk Management and Safety. I am interested in learning about new technologies and how they might compliment our safety programs.
Katlyn Pace
Good afternoon, my name is Katlyn Pace and I am a workers comp/safety specialist with Ge Johnson Construction Company. I am looking into some more information on the VR for safety training.
Morgan Cihak
Hi all, the default setting sends your messages to just the panelists. At the bottom of chat, above your message, make sure to change the "To:" to All Panelists and attendees
Sabrina Freewynn
Sabrina Freewynn, SAIF (Oregon workers' comp insurance). We are exploring a variety of technologies to improve worker safety and health
lori guasta
Great to see so many companies and industries represented! Feel free to send any questions over to Morgan or me about Work to Zero generally. We'll also be looking for good questions to send over the panelists in just a bit!
Enrique Cachafeiro
Or much less with the right tool.
Enrique Cachafeiro
Like WebXR
Emily Whitcomb
We'll be doing Q&A shortly, feel free to send over your questions!
Richard Goede
Another suggestion is to look at where the value add element XR tech can help that the normal ppt/cbt does not work well (i.e. high consequence scenarios such as working from heights). Those value add scenarios can benefit greatly from the added sensory realism of immersion
Enrique Cachafeiro
high risk/low incidence
Enrique Cachafeiro
Also: Amazon Sumerian to prototype your own content much more quickly and cheaply.
Timothy Chappell
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bushor.2020.08.002 - Good value chain research
Timothy Chappell
https://www8.hp.com/us/en/vr/reverb-g2-vr-headset-omnicept-edition.html (Not available yet, but promising data capture capabilities)
Enrique Cachafeiro
WebXR. Device agnostic VR ready content.
Enrique Cachafeiro
Works on anything with a browser
Enrique Cachafeiro
6DOF and >70GHz refresh rate help
Scott Clark
Fantastic session! Thanks everyone.