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The Road to Zero Strategy in Action - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Simon
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Heidi Simon
As a reminder, this webinar is being recorded and we will send a recording to all attendees.
Nathanael Tan
I already feel unsafe looking at these pictures for some reason, anyone feeling the same too?
Andrew Bunn
Definitely, I've spent a lot of time navigating situations just like these.
Kofi Kakyire Ampofo Twumasi
Yes, same here. Especially with the first one.
Nathanael Tan
Cute hats!!
Heidi Simon
REMEMBER: Please send any questions or comments you have for panelists
Stephanie Manning
All - we are happy to do a more thorough presentation with me, Ken and others to dive deeper into what is happening with the technology rulemaking. Also: I'd like to share that MADD formed an Equity in Traffic Safety Enforcement Committee after we testified before Congress on this issue in February. We have an incredible group working on recommendations around enforcing hazardous driving behaviors in a fair and equitable way.
Kristin Kingsley
Hi Ken. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your presentation and all of your work to prevent drunk driving. The Volvo system seems promising and we are excited about the progress made by that DADSS program and all of the years of research, development, and testing that go into making technologies like this viable for drunk driving prevention. DADSS just announced it will be available for fleet applications later this year. Can you speak to the other technologies included in MADD's report and some of the challenges related to their readiness for market?
Ellen Zavisca
More on the HALT/Ride acts: https://www.madd.org/get-involved/haltact
Larry Leveen
Electronic speed limitation of cars would indicate that we as a society are finally taking traffic safety seriously. It does not prevent people from driving, but helps set reasonable limits on behavior to prevent excessively endangering others. 100% support.
Nathanael Tan
@Stephanie Where can we find more information about the thorough presentation and working group?
Dave Fortenbaugh
I am the Chair of the AAAM Policy Committee. We are continually looking for partners to help us promote the science-based position statements developed at the AAAM (e.g., BAC limits, nighttime driving). We are also working to develop new statements on relevant topics (e.g., distracted driving, speed limits in urban areas). Press releases, social media posts, and any other ways to achieve these goals would be great. Let me know how AAAM can help!
Kristin Kingsley
DADSS is very close, does MADD support continued funding? So far, it's been an excellent example of public private partnerships.
Ken Snyder
Industry executives make fun of the DADSS program because it is focusing on outdated technology.
Kristin Kingsley
Is there a technology that MADD does endorse?
Michael Kelley
My sincere apologies, everyone.
Ellen Zavisca
I'm loving Stephanie's passion, and hearing from Michael's little one!
Stephanie Manning
Kristin - to answer your question: MADD doesn't endorse one particular technology. We feel strongly that NHTSA needs look at ALL available technologies, test them, and create standards. We have submitted more than 241 examples of technology to NHTSA's Request for Information for the agency to review. Driver monitoring systems must be considered as part of the rulemaking process.
Ken Snyder
The industry has done simulations that indicate that any of the 3 categories can make a huge difference - each could stop 80-90% of drunk driving deaths. Their simulations indicate that a combination of the 3 different categories could eliminate all drunk and impaired driving deaths.
Kristin Kingsley
Thanks, Stephanie. Thanks, Ken. I respect your work and your passion. Please reconsider your "war" with the auto industry. We can all work together to get this done!
Nathanael Tan
Where can we find more information about the thorough presentation and working group?
Stephanie Manning
I absolutely wish the auto industry would work with us. They have shown us they cannot, time and time again. We have been very patient. For many years. Thank you so much.
Graceq Cheng
Thank you so much for the presentation. Very informative!
Michael Kelley
Thank you everyone!
Stephanie Manning
I will ask Heidi to send out additional information to the group. Thank you!
Andy Clarke, Toole Design (he/him)
thanks everyone for attending
Nathanael Tan
Alright, thanks Stephanie!