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Human & Organizational Performance: A Path to Improvement for All Organizations - Shared screen with speaker view
NSC Webinar
Thank you for joining us today for the Human and Organizational Performance webinar, the final in the National Safety Month Webinar series. You can learn more about National Safety Month resources here: https://www.nsc.org/work-safety/get-involved/national-safety-month
NSC Webinar
You can also read more about this topic in this whitepaper as well: https://www.nsc.org/getmedia/6dc7b76d-09a2-4ad5-9be2-0b0365c34b46/nsm-wk4-miniguide.pdf
NSC Webinar
As a reminder, please put any questions for the presenter in the Q&A feature. We will be taking questions as time allows at the end of the event.
NSC Webinar
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