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Road to Zero Annual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Simon
Find our webpage here: https://www.nsc.org/road/resources/road-to-zero/doubling-down-on-what-works
Heidi Simon
Please remember to visit and send new materials or feedback to RoadToZero@nsc.org
Jay Hightman
Many states are implementing hand-free laws to reduce the distracted driving which cell phones and other similar devices cause. My concern is beyond education, the ability to enforce these laws is limited. Australia has been implementing mobile phone detection cameras to assist in enforcing their laws. In the US is there any localities looking into or using this technology? https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/mobilephones/technology.html
Leah Shahum
Sharing upcoming Vision Zero webinars related to these areas, including how to actually implement Safe Systems approach on the ground: https://visionzeronetwork.org/event-type/webinars/
Heidi Simon
Please us this chat box or the Q/A function to enter comments and questions for our panels.
Eric Richardson
As we transition to all electric vehicles both in federal government and local fleets we should use the opportunity to ensure more universal and better vehicle safety systems. More trucks with high vision and low cab design with improved line of sight, auto braking, alerting systems, truck side guards, intelligent speed assist both passive and active, and keeping in mind that electric vehicles are quieter than ICE vehicles and making sure we mitigate that as well.
Eileen Mccarthy
Shouldn't part of the "messaging" effort be aimed at car companies that advertise incredibly reckless driving in commercials? And maybe we should even restrict their advertisements as we do with tobacco companies?
Offer Grembek
Agree regarding advertising. There needs to be an effort to study the impact on commercials on safety culture and norms.
Heidi Simon
Links to NHTSA Data and Resources: Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities for the First 9 Months (Jan – Sep) of 2020. https://crashstats.nhtsa.dot.gov/Api/Public/ViewPublication/813053
Heidi Simon
Update to Special Reports on Traffic Safety during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Third Quarter Data https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/54290
Jay Hightman
My Twitter friend Tom Flood has been creating some great videos addressing reckless driving in automobile commercials. https://twitter.com/tomflood1/status/1356639850905153543
Jay Hightman
Matthew Roe
Did I understand that graph correctly that the state of California has a target to increase fatalities per VMT each year?
Jay Hightman
Families for Safe Streets National@Fam4SafeStreets is also starting to post some compelling videos, https://twitter.com/Fam4SafeStreets/status/1356653529855889414
Jane Terry
From an earlier question, here is a response.
Jane Terry
Two related questions - 1) Because we know healthcare (first responders to trauma centers) have been impacted by COVID, to what extent can we say that the crash rate increase has trended up similarly with the fatality rate per VMT ; otherwise stated does access to healthcare explain some part of the fatality rate increase? 2) Is the increase in fatality rate per VMT partially explainable by the decrease in the average age of drivers as older citizens have chosen to stay home due to COVID risk? If either of the answers is yes, how can we address these factors?For Kristen Shea: I do not think there is information/data to support the hypothesis of differential access to healthcare for post-crash victims - I do not think that has changed. On the second question, we do not know age distributions fully yet. There is value in reporting and analyzing early data. The downside is the data are not complete, so there are questions we might be able to answer later, but can’t answer now.
Offer Grembek
Some more thoughts on the second question: In CA we’ve seen a similar increase in fatality per VMT but it is also coupled with a decrease in minor injury per VMT. I think that if the increase in fatality rate is driven by a drop in the average driver age it might translate to an increase in the minor injury rate too so more factors might be in place. As was mentioned before, it is too soon to say and should be further studied.
brian roberts
Thanks to all of you!