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The Connected Leader: Cultivating Trust in Today’s Disconnected World
Many workplaces have a disconnect between what people want from work today and their actual experiences on the job. The result makes headlines, as the “great resignation,” “quiet quitting,” and burnout affect people at all levels.

Employees and leaders are craving connection – a sense of purpose, a collaborative environment, and feeling respected and valued for their work and as individuals.

How do leaders successfully navigate this new world of work while still meeting the organization’s priorities? In a word: connection. Connected leaders build a culture of trust, leading to increased job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, loyalty and commitment.

Join behavioral analysis expert Angelica Grindle and executive leadership coach Rebecca Timmins to understand why connected leaders are so influential and how you can become one. They’ll share insights and a proven approach based on more than 30 years of experience developing leaders who help people and organizations thrive.

We’ll explore:

• Key questions to gauge your current level of connection and guide you to becoming a stronger, more connected leader
• Derailers to avoid that create a disconnect and lead to negative – even toxic – environments
• Seven best practices and three simple ways to forge stronger connections every day


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Angelica Grindle, Ph.D.
Vice President @DEKRA
Angelica is the vice president of client engagement in DEKRA’s consulting practice. This team focuses on culture change, serious injury and fatality prevention, safety leadership development, increasing safety participation for hourly employees, and assessing and understanding the systems that influence exposure. As a behavior analyst with two decades of experience, Angelica specializes in creating safety excellence through the application of behavioral science at all organizational levels. She helps organizations tailor their change initiatives to their unique organizational needs and to generate the support needed from key stakeholders.
Rebecca Timmins, M.S.
Senior Vice President @DEKRA
Rebecca is an organizational safety industry expert who helps organizations improve business outcomes by optimizing high organizational functioning and cultivating strong and positive cultures. Rebecca specializes in executive leadership development. She designs and delivers individualized leadership-coaching services for clients, working one-on-one with executive leaders and decision-makers at site and corporate levels to support their organizational initiatives. Her current coaching client base includes about 500 leaders from more than 50 organizations.