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Increasing Safety Engagement Through Humor
Tim Page-Bottorff, senior safety consultant at SafeStart, wants you to know that safety doesn’t have to be boring. The best way to increase employee engagement is through humor. Stories are the best way to get started. He suggests injecting funny stories, videos and images into safety conversations, training, and meetings to increase employee engagement and retention.

In this webinar, Tim will prepare attendees to find the fun in safety by avoiding all the negativity behind it. Safety is a topic most employees are not fond of simply because safety is usually enforced or “forced.” Tim will discuss how complacency causes employees to force decisions, in addition to organizations forcing decisions that target employees. Humor not only can bring employees and management together, but bring people together.

Incorporating the most important things in our messages often serves as a bridge between people. Tim will show what’s important to him and give a glimpse at how we can achieve a better work-life balance.

He’ll include messages of laughter and despair and, ultimately, an everlasting message that safety doesn’t have to be boring. Sweeping the emotion in safety brings hearts and minds together.


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