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Collaborative Efforts to Manage and Destigmatize Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and Mental Health Among the Workforce
As the U.S. economy rebuilds amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders need to prioritize employee mental health by fostering a stigma-free company environment, increasing access to tools/research, encouraging early treatment and incorporating innovative behavioral health programs that help employees address their struggles in a meaningful way.

Mental health issues across a workforce come with significant impact. Workplaces bear substantial costs stemming from absenteeism, increased health care expenses and turnover, and lost productivity. Nearly a third of U.S. employers (31%) say the strain on employee mental health is having a severe financial effect on their company – up from 21% in March 2020. Burnout and disengaged employees can cost organizations between $450 billion and $550 billion annually.

During this webinar, learn how using digital learning platforms combined with high-touch services help navigate employees to the right care and deliver immediate behavioral health care by allowing employees to access peer coaches and trained health care professionals online.
It’s essential for employers to understand addiction, substance misuse and mental health issues to better support their employees and crush the stigma that surrounds them.

Join this webinar to better understand how to support your workforce; the options for providing appropriate care; and the best practices that help reduce workplace impairment, injuries, absenteeism and health care costs while increasing productivity.


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