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The Brain Injury Your Hard Hat Overlooks: How to Fill the Head Protection Gap Left by Current Standards
Since 1919, the hard hat has been the most iconic symbol of worker safety. But despite more than 6 million hard hats and safety helmets sold each year, more than 18,000 workers still suffered traumatic brain injuries in 2019, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows.

Although hard hat technology has evolved tremendously over the past century, one thing really hasn’t changed: a one-track focus on protection from direct, linear impacts. Although incredibly important, this focus has neglected the TBI-causing rotational forces that often result from more common angled impacts.

During this webinar, you’ll be surprised to learn:
• What impacts are actually being tested for in hard hat and safety helmet standards
• The dangerous impacts your current hard hat or safety helmet may overlook
• How to fill the protection gap left by current standards and hard hat/safety helmet options


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